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In an open and collaborative spirit, La Paillasse propose its platform and comprehensive technical equipment for creators, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. By becoming part of such a creative ecosystem and rich transdisciplinary network, the projects in residence profit of an ideal environment to let grow upcoming ideas, prepare prototypes for proof-of-concept and – last but not least – meet key personalities.

Open Residence

Reinventing the way to support new and innovative projects

© M.-S. Adenis
© M.-S. Adenis

The program “Open Residence” was designed specifically to offer a “wild card” for those explorers, researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs, designers and creators who are animated by an approach fostering ecological and social responsibility. This program gives the possibility to use the technical equipment (such as a P1-type lab space, a prototyping workshop), benefit from scientific, legal, technical and business support to rationalise and prototype the selected projects. No financial contribution is required, as the exchange and sharing of knowledge, experiences and expertise is in the heart of the program.

French Tech Program

French Tech Ticket

The French Tech Ticket is a program designed for entrepreneurs from all over the world who want to create their startups in France.

The French Tech Visa is a simplified, fast-track procedure for three types of international tech talent to obtain a residence permit known as the "Passeport Talent" ("Talent Passport")


© E. Kirsch
© E. Kirsch

La Paillasse hosts, in its coworking spaces, private offices and laboratories [biology and prototyping], entrepreneurial projects, start-ups or associations that develop their activity in the fields of health (connected, predictive or preventive), the understanding and preservation of the environment or the democratization of technologies.


  • Biobase

    Biology technical platform made up of second-hand scientific equipment: PSM, chemical hood, incubators-agitators, centrifuges, PCR machines, microscopes (...) as many equipments that can accommodate ambitious projects around citizen issues and environmental.

  • Protobase

    The first stone of project implementation, the Protobase is the prototyping space of La Paillasse. This platform has gradually been equipped with 3D printers and laser cutting as well as power tools and electronic equipment.